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Below are actual Lumineers cases completed by Dr. Hibbs

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Before                                                        After

   14a.jpg (16534 bytes)  17a.jpg (26428 bytes)
Before                                                       After 

   Wanted beautiful smile without grinding on teeth.     One hour later: "Lumineers" delivered. Amazing!

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Before                                                                         After     

  lumineer11.jpg (226309 bytes)  lumineer12.jpg (115990 bytes) 
Before                                                                         After     

    LumineerPre.JPG (104437 bytes)  LumineerPost.JPG (62507 bytes)  
Before                                                                              After   

   Before  (Minor braces and reshaping, followed by four Porcelain "Lumineers.")  After 

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All services performed by Dr. J. Eric Hibbs, cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Texas.
Cosmetic Dentistry is not recognized as a dental specialty by the American Dental Association.

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