Bad Breath???

Bad breath (halitosis) is a common complaint heard in dental offices.  There are numerous causes of oral malodors, including systemic medical disorders and temporary smells from various foods we eat, stomach gases, smoking, coffee, dry mouth, etc.  The most common cause of chronic bad breath is bacteria in the mouth.  These bacteria produce sulfur-containing gases that give the mouth a "rotten-egg" smell.  The goal of dental office directed bad breath treatment is to eliminate the bacteria that produce these foul gases.  This is accomplished by maintaining meticulous oral hygiene: daily flossing (2-3 times per day), excellent brushing - preferably enhanced by a rotary or sonic toothbrush, tongue scraping, and attacking the problem chemically with alcohol-free anti-bacterial rinses and tongue gels.  

Another common, but little known, phenomenon that causes significant incidences of halitosis are tonsil stones.  Tonsils have small pockets or "crypts" that can catch food particles as they are being swallowed.  These small pieces of food remain trapped and gradually rot, producing a powerful unpleasant odor.  To check for these, use a flashlight and look at your throat.  The tonsils are reddish and slightly swollen appearing tissues to the sides of your throat.  Look for small creamy-white particles caught in and around your tonsils.  If you have these, they may be the major source of your halitosis!  To remove these, use a water pik at the lowest setting and gently blast them out of your tonsils - this takes practice!!!  Another option is to visit your dentist where the stones can be vacuumed out with a small suction tip.  If you dislodge a tonsil stone, pick it up and smell it... awful!

We recommend you go to your dentist for a halitosis evaluation.  However, we have professional strength, alcohol-free, antibacterial fresh breath products available here at our online store!  This line of products is normally available only through dental offices.  We look forward to your order!  

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