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Cosmetic Dentistry

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(All photos below are of actual treatment performed by Dr. Hibbs)

    Before    (Beautiful "Hollywood" No-metal Full Mouth Case)   After    

Before Braces                             After Braces  

        Before                  (Dentures)                    After    

 Before        (Metal-Free Crowns and Veneers)          After

 Before         ("Empress" Porcelain Veneers)            After

The above patient comments: I have lived almost my entire life with discolored and unattractive teeth, I was so self conscious about my smile that I actually trained myself to smile with closed lips. I had always wanted to have some type of cosmetic dentistry done, but I always found some other use for the money, and just managed to find a way to put it off. Finally, after learning of some interest incentives and financing available from Dr Hibbs' office, I finally decided to take the plunge. The process was quite quick, and I have been extremely happy with the result. The pictures speak for themselves. Now, I wish I would have decided to do this years ago, as I feel much more comfortable about smiling, and I have transferred all my self consciousness to where it belongs... MY WEIGHT!

Patient had a nice smile - desired better.                    Perfect smile delivered! 

Before           (Empress Veneers)          After

   Wanted beautiful smile without grinding on teeth.     One hour later: "Lumineers" delivered. Amazing!

                 Before      (All-Ceramic Bridge and "Empress" Porcelain Veneers)      After

   Before  (Minor orthodontics and reshaping, followed by four Porcelain "Lumineers.")  After 

                                     Before: unsightly crown with metal showing                        After: beautiful no-metal crown

Before          (One Hour Bonding)             After

Before     (Full upper and partial lower dentures)    After

Tooth-Before.JPG (75645 bytes)          Tooth-After.JPG (188647 bytes)
    Before: Discolored tooth/old filling                After: Beautiful new bonding (45 minutes)

Before    (Bonding to close gap and correct colors)    After

Before     (Full upper and partial lower dentures)    After

(Minor excess gum removal and close gap with bonding - 1 hour)  After

Before    (Small tooth and discolored cap)   After

Before    (Bonding to correct severe wear and chipping)    After

1.jpg (961085 bytes)  2.JPG (773798 bytes)    ChippedTooth.jpg (12886 bytes)    20.jpg (121102 bytes)  21.jpg (256540 bytes) 
   Before   (Bonding)    After                         Before   (Bonding)     After                 Before       (Bonding)       After    
 6.jpg (347436 bytes)  7.jpg (216571 bytes)    14a.jpg (16534 bytes)  17a.jpg (26428 bytes)    Full Mouth 1.jpg (54138 bytes)  Full Mouth 2.jpg (42601 bytes)
  Before  (Lumineers)  After                      Before  (Lumineers)   After                                 Before   (Denture)   After     

ChippedIncisalPre.jpg (40931 bytes)  ChippedIncisalPost.jpg (47058 bytes)      LumineerPre.JPG (104437 bytes)  LumineerPost.JPG (62507 bytes)  
    Before       (bonding)       After                                   Before  (Lumineers)  After   

 veneerbefore.jpg (56895 bytes)  veneerafter.jpg (82233 bytes)     prostheticbefore.jpg (39407 bytes)  prostheticafter.jpg (64861 bytes)
          Before (Porcelain Veneers)  After               Before  (Porcelain Crowns/Implants) After     

full1before.jpg (684415 bytes)  full1after.jpg (581751 bytes)    lumineer11.jpg (226309 bytes)  lumineer12.jpg (115990 bytes) 
Before   (Dentures)    After                                   Before  (Lumineers)  After     

  cosmetic1before.jpg (398763 bytes)  cosmetic1after.jpg (390493 bytes)     cosmetic2before.jpg (53183 bytes)  cosmetic2after.jpg (58250 bytes) 
Before    (Crowns & Bridges)     After                                    Before   (Crowns & Bridges)  After     

 bonding1.JPG (399542 bytes)  bonding2.JPG (378255 bytes)     bonding3.JPG (502139 bytes)  bonding4.JPG (428698 bytes)
                  Before  (Bonding)  After                          Before (Bonding & Re-contouring)  After     

b&a1.JPG (39078 bytes)b&a2.JPG (58859 bytes)b&a3.JPG (42744 bytes)
    All-Ceramic Crowns                   Cosmetic Bonding               Bonding (lower teeth)

b&a4.JPG (39470 bytes)b&a5.JPG (30421 bytes)b&a6.JPG (32749 bytes)
      Porcelain Veneers                      Teeth Whitening                 Cosmetic Bonding

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All services performed by Dr. J. Eric Hibbs, cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Texas.
Cosmetic Dentistry is not recognized as a dental specialty by the American Dental Association.

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