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          Maintain Your Teeth for a Lifetime of Smiles                                                

          If you maintain your teeth properly, you can have a lifetime of smiles and improved health. Here are some tips to help get you started!

          Some answers to common questions:

          What kind of toothbrush should I use?

          I always recommend using a soft toothbrush and, most importantly, a soft brushing technique! Check out our Dallas Dentist Toothbrush Page!

          Is flossing really that important? 

          Yes! Flossing is critical for a healthy mouth and smile. It also has been shown to improve your overall health and might even help prolong your life! Check out our Dallas Dentist Floss Page!

          What can I do about bad breath?

Bad breath can be caused by many different factors. They include: tartar, plaque, tongue debris, gum disease, cavities, tonsil stones, GERD, post-nasal drip, etc. Your dentist can help by evaluating for these conditions and treat or refer you as indicated. 

           Check out our Dallas Dentist Fresh Breath Page!

          I might be pregnant, can that affect my oral health?

          Yes. Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, including the mouth. For more info, check out our Pregnancy Information Page!

          What can I do for a toothache?

          A toothache is typically a sign that a dental problem has been left untreated for too long. If the pain is associated with the gums, Ora-jel or Anbesol can often help to provide temporary relief. If the pain is tooth-related, your local chain pharmacy typically has a product called the Red Cross Toothache Kit (usually found in the toothpaste aisle). If the tooth has a hole in it, it often helps to place a temporary filling to keep food out of it (also found in the toothpaste aisle). For more info, see our Emergency Dentist Page!

          What kind of toothpaste do you recommend?

          My favorite are the products with baking soda as the abrasive. They usually are kinder to your teeth and gums, and cause less abrasion of the tooth and root. If is a long-standing recommendation to use a fluoridated paste to aid in reducing cavities. Check out our Toothpaste Recommendations by Dallas Cosmetic Dentist Page!

          What about teeth whitening?

          The most important thing I have found about teeth whitening, when done appropriately and correctly, is - it works! Check out our Dallas cosmetic Dentist White Teeth Page!

          My grandmother wears dentures. Is that in my future?

          Not necessarily. Many people believe that their dental problems are hereditary. While this is possible, it is rarely the sole cause. Typically the real problem is neglect, lack of professional care, and the person's attitude towards their teeth. There are many negative consequences from having all of your teeth pulled, including bone loss, decreased chewing ability, social stress, etc. Dentures are fine for some, but I recommended delaying having them for as long as possible. Check out our Denture Page!

          Besides dentures, or partial dentures, what can I do if I lose a tooth?

          Dental bridges have long been the permanent solution for missing teeth. However, today there is a much better solution: dental implants! Check out our Dallas and Park Cities Dental Implant Page!

          What age do you recommend I take my children for their first visit?

          Many recommend the first dental visit to be at 1 year of age. This is really to give the dentist and his staff the opportunity to speak with the parent about how to take care of the infant mouth and things to avoid to help ensure bad habits are not developed early in life. For children whose parents are well versed in proper care, I recommend to be sure to have your child's first dental visit at 3 years of age. Check out our Dallas Children First Dental Visit Page!

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