Please complete our anonymous online patient satisfaction survey.

We strive to provide expert service in a comfortable atmosphere with reasonable fees. In order to better serve you, our patients, we have provided this online survey so that you may provide us with feedback on how we are doing.  Your honest opinions are appreciated and will be used to help ensure we continue to be your dental health care provider of choice.  The survey should only take a few minutes to complete.  Thank You!

1. When I called the office:
You picked up right away
I got a busy signal
It was a struggle to get through
I was put on hold
I was put on hold forever
I got an answering machine
2. The person who answered was:
Cheerful, professional
Downright unpleasant
Bored with the whole thing
Unable to help me
3. About appointments:
There were plenty of good dates
I was appointed at a convenient time for me
I had an emergency - you saw me right away
You were booked for months
I took what I could get
4. Arriving here:
You were easy to get to
Your staff had a friendly hello
I couldn't park nearby
I  was ignored
5.Our reception room was:
Nice and neat
Too crowded
6. How long did you sit before you
were seated for treatment?
I was seen right away
The wait was tolerable
I was informed how long it would be
It wasn't your fault, I was late
Too long, very irritating
7.   The treatment room
It was spotless
The equipment is pretty impressive
It needed attention
It seemed worn and outdated
It was too hot/cold
8. During my cleaning, the hygienist:
Was professional, helpful
Was thorough and concerned
Was a little rough on me
Was distant
Raced through treatment
N/A I was seen by the dentist only
9.The hygienist:
Answered all my questions
Reinforced homecare techniques
Seems to really care
Praises me when I am doing something right
Lectured me
N/A I was seen by the dentist only
10. The chairside assistant:
Was professional and helpful
Did everything to make me comfortable
Was a little rough
Couldn't care less
Was rushed
11. The doctor and the assistant:
Worked as a team
Worked quickly, smoothly
Cared about my comfort
Ignored me
Didn't get along
12. The doctor:
Was professional, pleasant
Was really quite gentle and concerned
Was rough
Didn't seem to have his/her heart in it
Was in a hurry
13. More about the doctor:
Seems interested in people, not just patients
Really listens
Explained everything he was doing
Had no time for my questions
I didn't understand what he/she said
14. A little more:
The doctor keeps up with what's new
He likes to try out new treatments
I don't know, he seems a little old-fashioned
The doctor involves me in my own treatment
I have no way of knowing how good he is
15. The office staff:
Seems to work well together
Seems to enjoy what they're doing
Really do care
Are neat, professional
Don't take enough time with me
16.   About financial matters:
Fees & payments were thoroughly discussed
Fees are fair, considering
We agreed on an arrangement
I was confused about my obligation
Your approach made me feel uncomfortable
17. About my insurance:
You make it easier to file my claim
Staff was very helpful explaining my coverage
Insurance processing seems to work well
No one could help me understand  my coverage
I didn't like the way I was handled


18. How I heard about you:
I was referred by a relative/friend
Another healthcare professional
I saw your ad in the yellow pages
I saw another advertisement
I saw your office sign
Through the Internet
I purchased a silent auction coupon
19. If I were to rate the practice in a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest rating), I'd give the doctor, practice and staff a .

20. One of the things I like best about your practice:

21. But you could improve on:

22. What services would you like to see added to our practice?

23. Would you recommend our practice to your friends or family?  Yes  No

24.  Did you know Dr. Hibbs provides state-of-the-art porcelain veneers, including Lumineers?Yes  No

25.  Did you know we have Extreme Makeover's Zoom! one-hour teeth whitening system?Yes  No

26.  Did you know Dr. Hibbs provides Invisalign and traditional braces?Yes  No

27. Did you know Dr. Hibbs surgically places and restores dental implants?Yes  No

Thank you so much for completing our survey - your opinion counts!


    Copyright 1998-2008 J. Eric Hibbs, DDS, FAGD